welcome to napsugar

decorative image, a photograph of a crude watercolor painting of a human face showing only a partial eye with exagerated eyelashes and the painting rests on a bed of neckties woven together

napsugar is the Hungarian word for "sunbeam"

napsugar is a word which an English-speaker would pronounce quite similarly to the proper Hungarian pronounciation!

napsugar is a hybrid space for performance, workshops, events, visual arts, learning and community.

napsugar is just getting started...

Upcoming events at napsugar

Jay-J-Nap Series

2023-09-03, 3pm - 6pm: Sunday, September 3rd

A flyer with white background in black text it asks the question - What comes between brunch and dinner? and colorful text lists the performer's names and 2 orange and yellow cartoon suns at the top. The text incorporated into the image is transcribed below

What comes between brunch and dinner?

3 - 6pm Sunday, September 3, 2023
napsugar 931 Treat (btw 22nd & 23rd)
All-Ages / $10 for performers / notaflof